Friday, May 9, 2014

Happy Birthday to my granddaughter, Little Bit

Wonderful Things about my Granddaughter

My beautiful granddaughter turned 9 years old today. I am watching her grow into an awesome young lady and I am so thrilled she is in my life.

Here are some wonderful things about her from a grandmother’s heart:
1.     She is an amazing Ballerina
2.     She loves performing her dance moves for the family.
3.     She loves her sisters with all her heart.
4.     She loves to sit at the piano and play random notes and make it sound good.
5.     She always thinks of doing things for her sisters.
6.     She is a big help to her mother with picking up after herself and her sisters.
7.     She says “I’m bored” a lot, but can get over it really quickly.
8.     She has a soft and loving side about her.
9.     She’s quick to say I’m sorry if she hurts her sister’s feelings.
10.  She doesn’t like wet kisses, but she’s big on giving hugs.
11.  She loves to cook and bake.
12.  She loves to help in the kitchen.
13.  She loves helping with washing the dishes.
14.  She loves to laugh and scream.

I could go on and on……

She's a real blessing to me and her Pops. We love you, Little Bit. Happy Birthday!
Here's to your health!