Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Tea for Three

I just absolutely love Sundays
with my girls.

We started off this Sunday
with tea.

Little Bit and Doodles actually made Koolaid.

Doodles got out their little tea set.

While Little Bit made the popcorn.

Tea time was great....
but we are bored and wanted some adventure.

So off we go for a walk.
It's a BEAUTIFUL day!!
I love this time of year, because we get about
"15 minutes of Fall!"
That's a sarcastic remark...I guess you noticed.
So when we get days like this, it's time to be outside somewhere!

We had to stop and fix our shoe...

Looked at the dog prints in the cement...

Stopped and smelled the flowers...

Checked out the dead worms on the sidewalk...

And finally made it to our favorite burger place for some chicken.
You caught that, right? Burger place for chicken.

My granddaughters are funny. They want try beef yet.

Chicky's and fries, please.

As you can see, my hair is still colored red from 
the Halloween Party the night before.
I went as a saloon girl (you know, like Miss Kitty).

Then we are OFF for other adventures.
Like taking pictures of flowers.
I let Doodles use my camera for whatever she wanted to
take a picture of. 
So as not to bore you, I will only show a few...

We were across the street from this, but it caught her attention.

The Blue Angels were in the neighborhood. When
they flew over I grabbed the camera and
took this shot.
No time to prepare, but thought it was pretty nice.

So we made it to the park and finished watching
the Angels fly over
OK, I'll not bore you with anymore...
It was awesome to see them fly over.

Then we enjoyed the playground.
As they were coming down the slide, the static
electricity made their hair stand on end.

They said they were even shocking each other.
Oh, the giggles and the screams!!

Big sister helping little sister with her shoe.
Then off with more fun...

Then we head home...Such a great day.

When their mother came to pick them up,
she asked how their day was,
and the reply was...

I dearly love my girls.

I would like to join Terri from Artful Affirmations,
Martha from Martha's Favorites, and
  These ladies set the most gorgeous tables
and their tea sets are to die for!

Join us for tea, want you?

Here's to your health!

Please remember our East Coast families
that are going through a terrible storm
right now. Keep them all in your prayers.

Friday, October 26, 2012

SAVE THE TA-TAS - Breast Cancer Awareness

It's such an awful truth, 
but each and every one of us
have either known someone
or know someone now
that is struggling with this
HORRIBLE disease.
Or it may be you.

I have a friend that has fought it...

She has been cancer free for a few years now.
BUT when she has to go back for checkups,
she's always a little apprehensive,
holding her breath until she gets the results.

I also have a friend
that found out two years ago
that she was at Stage 0
and just knew she had caught it in time.
Today she is at Stage 2.
She is doing all that she is told to do,
and gets sick from the treatments,
but she will continue to fight.

This friend is the other Grandmother to my granddaughters.
Because of this, they find opportunities to collect money
to donate to help fight Breast Cancer.

Prayers are always welcomed.

Prayers are certainly needed! 


Click on TA-TAS to get information on "How to..."


Here's to your health!

I'm linking with Beverly at How Sweet the Sound
for Pink Saturday.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Lift Your Mood and Let Optimism Rule!

Drink your tea slowly
as it is
the axis on which
the world earth
revolves -
without rushing
toward the future.

~Thich Nat Hahn

The most important thing

is to enjoy your life -

to be happy -

it's all that matters. 

~ Audrey Hepburn

Life your mood and let optimism rule!

Here's to your health!  

I would like to join Martha and Terri for tea. 

Monday, October 22, 2012

Here's a Few Words

Here's a few words I can use to sum up
I've learned about life:

It Is What It Is
and it goes on...


I enjoy my granddaughters very much.

I would like to join Mary for Mosaic Monday.

Here's to your health!!

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Had an awesome breakfast this morning.
Hit up the ole Nutri Bullet
with some frozen mixed berries
and a big scoop of Rich Chocolate Protein Powder.
So rich and creamy!!
You know, you can also put this
in a glass container
(as opposed to plastic)
and put it in the freezer
for a snack later on.
But I couldn't wait.
Here's to your health!

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Fall - Pink Saturday

Fall is my favorite time of year,
but by living in the South
we don't have the "blessings"
of seeing the trees turn their
amazing colors.

WE DO, however,
continue to have AWESOME
Spring like weather, (but some days
there is still too much humidity),
so I will be sharing some
of the South's Fall colors.

Some beautiful little roses are still in bloom.

A leaf now and then, falls.

Acorns have fallen and are ready for the squirrels.
I found these on the ground all grouped together.

The lantana (did I spell that right) is bloom beautifully.

Even honey bees are enjoying this weather!

And who wouldn't appreciate this beautiful color!!

I also enjoyed seeing the butterflies having a pleasent time.

Here's a tidbit for you:

Traditionally in most (all?) cultures
men prefer blue and women, red shades.
Interesting enough,  these preferences are not taught,
but built in. (various studies prove that.)

In the ancient knowledge of Yoga,
the right energy channel of a human body  
is said to be yellow(can get red).
It contains heat and generally stands
for the Sun and masculine principle.

The left energy channel is of a blue colour
and stands for the Moon and the female principle.
By the way, the same works for
Yin and Yan in the Chinese philosophy.
Thus, men prefer blue because it balances their yellow/red energy,
 and women prefer red (pink, orange, etc.) because it balances their blue!

I love this time of year. It's a time when we Southern's
get a break from the humidity....most days.

I'm joining Beverly at How Sweet the Sound for Pink Saturday.
Why don't you join in?

Here's to your health!