Monday, December 5, 2011

Victoria BLUE - Mosaic Monday


My granddaughter performed in "The Nutcracker" production over the weekend.
She had the part of the Ginger Child. The dance they performed was AWESOME!

Both my granddaughters have parts in this play.

Vic's favorite color is blue. If she's not wearing blue, she's wear green.

She loves to laugh and she loves MAKING other laugh.

She loves dressing up and putting on my makeup.

She also loves trying on my cloths and she looks great in a hat.

We LOVE our Victoria!! 

She is very talented. Although she does not take piano lessons,
she can tap out a real nice song, like she is writing her own music.
The notes sound so sweet, just like her.
Victoria may be my Blue girl, but she is hardly ever blue.
She brings great joy to my life. I am thankful to be her grandmother.

I am joining Little Red House for this Mosaic Monday.


  1. awwwww you're so blessed with beautiful and talented and super fun granddaughters and they're blessed to have such a loving and caring grandma! i love all the mosaics, they're so fun with lovely color themes, adorable girls and I love the nutcracker!


  2. That's really cute, Brenda. I, too, love your mosaics - they're fun and creative and really express your granddaughters so well. You are all very blessed to have each other.

    Marianne xo

  3. What a beautiful young lady who is obviously filled with sunshine!!! Have a beautiful week!

  4. Hi Brenda. Thanks for visiting and leaving a comment on my blog. Your mosaics of your granddaughter, Victoria, are sweet and really show her personality. Have a wonderful week.

  5. I raised 3 beautiful daughters and these images are so reflective of similar times our girls had together, what fun...children during the Christmas all times;)~

  6. What beautiful young ladies! How fun to be part of something so special!

  7. Looks like the girls had so much fun!


  8. It must be blast having little girls around like that. Adorable! Great Mosaic photos..I did get mine posted.Thank you for the encouragement! (:

  9. Lucky Grandma to have such an adorable granddaughter! My sister, who had two sons, says that her granddaughter is her reward for all those years of denim and plaid and LOUD birthday parties!