Monday, August 13, 2012

Well, the Olympics has come and gone! What an exciting two weeks!!  I enjoyed a lot of different competitions; swimming, synchronized swimming, running, basketball, volleyball, shooting, dancing, flips, dips, and trips!! It was all AMAZING from the Opening Ceremony to the Closing Ceremony..

I took a view pictures in front of my TV last night during the closing ceremony.

Beautiful runway

The Model section

One of my favorite performers, Annie Lennox.
Annie has won a total of eight awards at the Brit Award,
and she has been named the "Brit Champion of Champions."

She put on quite a show for the crowd.

This is Russel Brand.

This is my favorite shot of him!!

FAT BOY SLIM! Turning Russel's bus into an Octopus!

Now how cleaver is that!!

 "When a man is tired of London, He is tired of life."

Then there was Jessie J. Not a favorite, but why not.
I think she did very well.

Surprises in the Rolls Royce. Still, not my favorites, but very entertaining.

The Spice Girl's taxi ride.

Very exciting with QUEEN back on stage.

I could just go on and on...

But the ceremony had to come to a close.
The flag was taken down.

Prince Harry looks rather sad.

Another look at the torches.
Olympics 2012

Here's to your health!

I'm joining Mary at Little Red House for this


  1. The pictures turned out great! Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  2. Hi Brenda, We watched some of the Olympics also. My favorites were the swimming, diving, and gymnastics... I also liked track and field.

    Had a great trip to Arkansas to celebrate my birthday... But--it's nice to be home.

  3. The Olympics were really spectacular. I personally enjoyed the Opening Ceremony most, but both ceremonies were really special.