Friday, April 26, 2013

The Power of the Flower

 photo from Pinterest

Do you remember the days of Flower Power? Young people running around with flowers in their hair, sticking stems of flowers down the barrels of rifles of our soldiers in our streets? I was reflecting back on those days, not that I was a flower child, but young people were doing whatever they could to try and bring back some peace to our Nation. There were even songs written about them. Well, I got to thinking about the power that the flower has over us and wrote this little poem.

You can click on the photo to make it larger for better viewing.

Here's to bringing peace back to our world and
 Here's to  your health!


  1. Perfect photos for your lovely poem, Brenda. It says it all. A flower truly can calm, soften, and delight every part of us...your words ring so clear and true. A beautiful poem expressing an even more beautiful hope - PEACE. Wonderful.

    The pink flower is superb,and I am really liking the way you are using these photos to frame your poetry - brilliant!

    Blessings for a peaceful, flower-power,
    Marianne xo

  2. Wonderful poem!