Friday, May 31, 2013

#6. An Angel Says...Every Morning, Afternoon and Night

"Thanks for arms and legs and eyes, that carry me beneath the skies. 
Enabling me to look both down and up, and contemplate the fullness of my cup."
~ Joyce Boger ~

Ingratitude is one of the woeful failings of our society. The failure to acknowledge the sovereignty and the beneficence of God, the refusal to bend our will to His, are at the very root of the major problems in our society.

Prayer, family prayer in the homes of people in all lands, is one of the simple medicines that would check the dread disease that robs men and women of honesty, character and integrity. In generations past, individual and family prayers, in the homes of people throughout the world were as much a part of the day’s activity as was eating. As the practice of prayer has diminished, moral decay has increased.

The inclination to be holy, to be thankful, is increased as family members kneel together and thank the Lord for life and peace and all that they may become under His guidance. In remembering together before the Lord the poor, the needy, the oppressed, there is developed, unconsciously but realistically, a love for others above self, a respect for others, a desire to serve the needs of others. One cannot ask God to help a neighbor in distress without being motivated to do something toward helping that neighbor.

What miracles would be evident if, beginning now, beginning this Thanksgiving season, we all would lay aside our own selfishness and lose ourselves in the service of others. Our prayers of Thanksgiving, this season and daily all through the year, will bring comfort to our hearts, knit us together in love, and open to us the treasures of wisdom, knowledge, gratitude and forgiveness.

[“Express thanks in prayers and service, say Church leaders,”Church News, 20 November 1982, p. 3]

Here's to your health!


  1. Brenda,
    I really liked your post today. I read one time that grateful people are the happiest people. Thank you for the reminder to live with gratitude.

    Have a nice weekend.


    1. Thank you so much, Sheri, for visiting. I will get some time, hopefully tomorrow, to visit you also. I've missed blogging and visiting with everyone. Seems like there's not enough time in the day.
      I'm glad you like An Angel Says.

  2. Oh, I love the saying, "An Angel Says."


  3. So true, indeed...It would be so nice to be able to pray with my loved ones together. A genuine sincere prayer. I think the family would change drastically if they genuinely made God the center of their home.

    Love "Angel Says.."

    Marianne xox