Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Creativity for Tea Time...

TEA TIME; a place for encouragement of faith, family, and friends; face to face and heart to heart.

Here's a little encouragement of sudden creativity in an artistic production:
      Need an idea as to what to do with your cup treasures that are chipped or cracked?


What an uplifting, inspirational craft!
Why not plant some herbs here...

Or maybe be real creative and set a table 
for tea outside IN YOUR GARDEN.

I LOVE this table! It reminds me of Alice in Wonderland.
Also another way of growing some wonderful herbs.

I love being creative, but I'm sad to say these are not my creations.
These are brought to you by the world wide web.
But they are definite projects I would like to take on.

To join in for tea, I would like to show this beautiful
cup and saucer I found on the web.
It makes me think of my grandfather who had
peacocks on his farm. I loved gather the feathers with him.

We just can't get enough inspiration for creativity.

I would like to join Martha's Favorites and Artful Affirmations for tea.

Here's to your health.


  1. Oh, your peacock teacup is stunning! The garden table made me think right away of Alice in Wonderland.

  2. Everything you are sharing today is inspirational. That tea cup peacock is so stunning! Oh my! I have never seen a cup like this before. And that garden table looks so magical to me.

  3. Such a beautiful peacock teacup! I love that garden table and chairs! It would make a wonderful Alice in Wonderland tea table! Great idea!

  4. WOW at the creativity going on there! Love it all! Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  5. A big Wow! What great ideas, Brenda. At first I thought the cup 'mosaic' display was done by you and your hubby. It would certainly make a wonderful garden hanging with favorite herbs.

    The table and chairs were very interesting! I would think of little Miss Muffet sitting on one of those chairs and disturbing a spider.

    It's so much fun to think about creating something, and more fun creating it. I hope you get to create something soon...me too. I've been taking a hiatus from everything it seems.


  6. P.S. The Peacock cup and saucer was amazing!! So beautiful. Shows real imagination, don't you think?