Wednesday, June 19, 2013

#8. An Angel Says...When at Work, Take a "Care-Break"

I don't know about you, but sometimes when I'm at work
I tend to stay at my desk and continue through-out the day
to just work and not take breaks. It's very tiring and draining.
Before you know it, you're in a terrible mood...

An Angel tells us that we should take a "care-break" just for us.
Even for a brief moment, it will make a difference in how we
see things and a chance to catch our breath and clear our minds.

A little free air can go a long way for our health.
Not only in body, but in mind also.
Make for a happy day at work.
Everyone in the office will love you for it!

Here's to your health!


  1. Oh, yes, a break from sitting or standing too long is quite beneficial. Stretching too while you're at it can get the circulation moving. Our minds can definitely use a break from concentration. Oh, I do like your Angel advice, Brenda. Always great reminders to take good care of ourselves. And I love the angel pictures, too.

    I love you most of all,

    Marianne xo

  2. Everyone needs a break that is for sure. Sometimes, we just have to get up from our seats and walk around the room if nothing else! I find that If I just simply walk outside and breathe in and breathe out it really helps! Hugs and blessings my friend, Cindy