Monday, January 9, 2012

Car Show for Mosaic Mondy...

Whenever I go to Tennessee, I always attend the car show
because my cousin usually enters a couple of his cars.
I just love the style of every one of them.
I like it that what ever is old can still be useful
and made beautiful.

The Shelby is an awesome favorite. 
But I just can't help but be drawn to them all.
Each owner took great pride in making theirs the best.
(That's my youngest son taking the video.)

Here's another favorite. I love the Hillbilly car!
The owner of this car went to extremes
to make his car unique and different from the norm.

Moonshine in the back for emergencys.
A shan-do-lier (as they say in TN), for special lighting,
to give it that romantic mood. LOL!

I am linking with Little Red House for this Mosaic Monday.
Her photos are FABULOUS!!

Make it a healthy day! Here's to your health!


  1. dont you just lovee old, classic, vintage cars! i think they look beautiful! the older the better and look at them all shiny! the hillbilly car is so unique! i cant believe they have shan-do-lier heheh in the car!! love the mosaics as usual! Happy Mosaic monday to you!


  2. How fun! Nice collages. I love shiny old cars.

    Thanks for stopping by my place. Good job noticing the square tail lights. They were Hubby's favorite part!

  3. I love the chrome on older cars..but the hillbilly is pretty unique. We missed our local car show last year..Maybe we'll make it for 2012. Great photos..Brenda!