Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Terrific Tea Tuesday!

I went to one of my favorite thrift stores over the weekend
and found the most fabulous toy for my girls.

These little items are called Woodkins.
The girls decided to dress them alike 
so they could be twins.

When I was in the thrift store, I had already chosen a few items
and headed to the front of the store. Then I looked back
and thought that I have never been to the back of the store,
so I left the line and headed that way.
They have some GREAT stuff at the back.
Lots of big items and then right on top of a rack
were TWO of these beautiful little toys.
As you can see, I only paid .49/each for them.

All you have to do is lift the top, place your material,

close the top and your doll is dressed.

We had ALL KINDS of fashion shows!

I looked these up online and they are anywhere from $10 - $15.
So I got a real good deal at 49 cents.

The girls also brought me some beautiful flowers
from their Nanee's garden. Daisies are my favorite.

I put them in a favorite coffee cup.

My tea choices of the day are....
1. Peppermint (where the only ingredient is peppermint;
gluten free and naturally caffeine free.)
2. Lemon Zinger (ingredients are hibiscus, rosehips, 
roasted chicory,orange peel, West Indian lemongrass, 
lemon peel and whole dried lemons,natural lemon flavor 
with other natural flavors. Also gluten free and caffeine free.)
3. My Very Favorite: EARL GREY
(ingredients are: black tea and natural oil 
of bergamot; decaffeinated, of course
and gluten free.)

Even though it is dark, dreary, and rainy today,
it is going to be a fabulous day for me!

Here's to your health!

I am going to join Terri at Artful Affirmations and 
Sandi at Rose Chintz Cottage for Tea Cup Tuesday
and Trisha at Sweetology.

On a sad note, Wanda Lee and Pam have contacted
me to let me know that they will not be blogging
for a while. We send prayers and good will to
both these ladies. We will miss them very much.
We hope that one day they will join us again
in Blogville.


  1. Brenda, you really scored at the thrift store...the Woodkins look like a lot of fun. Your girls look thrilled...and a toy that uses the imagination - I like that.

    I'm trying to catch up on a few blogs I follow. Enjoy the day,
    Marianne xo

  2. that looks like the best toy ever! I would have played for hours with that as a girl. I like your tea choices and your gorgeous flowers. That adds a great punch to a dreary day.
    Happy T on T~

  3. Happy tea time to you! I like the Earl Grey Tea and green tea, are my favorites. The flowers are very pretty. Pat

  4. What fun toys! They could last forever with all the different fabric choices! I can see by their grins that they are delighted!

  5. Your girls look very happy with their new toys. I can tell by their grins, they're having fun.
    I used to make my own paper dolls when I was growing up. I had some pretty spiffy outfits too! Happy Tea Day!


  6. Those wooden dolls are so cute, Brenda. They're kind of like paper dolls. I love tea time. My favorite is English Breakfast. Wonderful post today.
    ~Sheri at Red Rose Alley

  7. My daughter had that same toy years ago and loved playing with it...your girls look happy! Sending some sunshine your way...we have lots!

  8. ohhh what a great find and bargain you found at the back of the store! your granddaughters look so happy and adorable! it's always every little girl's favorite to play dressing up for real or with toys! how sweet of them to give you those lovely flowers! bless their hearts! and ohhh i'm going to make tea right now!

    I also received an email from wanda lee and pam, i'll miss them terribly especially on tea time tuesday! but i'm also sending them prayers and good will to both of them!


  9. this was a great post! Your girls are so cute and what fun they had!! Everyone will miss Wanda and Pam..thanks for sharing tea w/ me this week!

  10. Hi Brenda,
    that is a nice toy for little girls. When I was child we had paper dolls and paper clothes to dress them up. This with real fabric makes much more fun. Thank you for the nice tea time.
    Best greetings, Johanna