Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Another Tea Tuesday and the Photo Challenge

My tea time starts off with a wonderful cup of Organic Golden Ginger.
Ginger is used to help settle upset stomachs and has other great benefits.

Here are some benefits of Ginger tea:
Relieves nausea
Combats motion sickness
Helps digestive processes
Combats inflammation
Reduces dizziness
Limits Flatulence
Controls chronic pain
Eases the pain of muscle aches and rheumatoid arthritis
Minimizes symptoms of the common cold, allergies, and other respiratory conditions.
This tea was very soothing on my tummy. It's also a good tea when
you want to kick back and relax, or a great afternoon pick-me-up.

My breakfast started off with a heaping bowl of oatmeal.
I love Walmart's Great Value 100% Whole Grain Old Fashioned Oats!
I sprinkled a little cinnamon and honey over the cooked oats. So YUMMY!

I first cooked it in the Silk PureAlmond milk.
I did have to cook them longer. It might have been better
to cook first in water, then add the milk. But the FLAVOR
was just so awesome...
I chose the Vanilla flavor that had 35 calories.

and 0 sugar!  The honey with the vanilla gave it a wonderful flavor
and the cinnamon just set it all off to a great breakfast.
Old-fashioned oats are a whole grain, which means that they
are very beneficial for the health of the consumer.
They have this great nutrient-rich germ and the bran, 
which is extremely high in fiber.
Such a great start to a day!

Little Bit wanted to bake some cookies the other night.
We went the easy way and bought a package of 
prepared cookie dough. You can see
she's a shoe nut!

The cookies were very sweet. Can you believe I only ate one?
I sent the rest home with her and her sister.

I will be joining Martha at Martha's Favorites for tea. Oh, Martha
has some BEAUTIFUL tea sets to show today. It is so much fun
joining her for tea.

I will also join Sandi, at Rose Chintz Cottage.  Sandi is a delight
to join for tea time. She sets a beautiful table.

I have two more pictures to add to my Photo Challenge with Fat Mum Slim.

15.  Phone
Called a dear friend and thanked her for the wonderful
card she sent me for Valentines.
Thank you, Marianne. Your cards turned out so wonderful!

16. Something New
A paper flower made by a sweet new friend.

I was organizing an event at work the other day
and this sweet lady assisted in many ways.
She is such a very sweet person.
She came back to my office
with this beautiful paper flower that 
she had just made and gave it to me.
It made me feel so special.

I still have a few more photos to catch up on, 
but I have to get them together. Until next time....



  1. Hi Brenda, I love your tips for eating healthy... I drink a special Chamomile Tea at nights and it seems to help me sleep... I also love the whole-grain oatmeal.

    My doctor has me on 60+ grams of protein each day --so I eat alot of water-packed tun and low-fat cottage cheese especially at lunchtime.

    I have begun to really love fish (more than I ever did)--and Grilled Tilapia is so delicious and so high in protein.

    The cookies looks good also --but like you, I'd have to refrain from eating them now...


  2. Hi Brenda,
    I drink a lot of ginger tea. It helps settle my tummy. I like oatmeal too although I have never tried it with almond milk. I must try it. Cute cookies too! Thank you for joining me for tea today and have a lovely week.


  3. Thanks for the info on the organic ginger tea. I love oatmeal for breakfast and eat it almost every morning. The shoe cookies are very cute and glad you sent them with the little ones. Happy Tea Party! Pam

  4. Your welcome, Brenda...

    The ginger tea sounds delicious as well as nutritious, and I could go for that. The cookies are so cute. What fun making cookies with grandma.

    The paper lily is so pretty. What a nice surprise.

    Marianne xo

  5. Thanks for visiting my blog! I love tea and oatmeal myself! I also like making those easy cookies with my grands...so perfect for them.

  6. You've reminded me to get the oatmeal out of the cupboard and into the bowl tomorrow for breakfast!

  7. oooh i love the ginger tea! so many benefits of ginger! little Bit's cookies look so yummy! and what better way to start your morning with a healthy breakfast! Love the flower paper too! great photos as usual, Brenda!