Monday, February 20, 2012

A Day at the Park! Bone Health...

The girls and I love going to the park. Their favorite part is playing on the monkey bars. They love climbing and swinging from the bars.

Weight-bearing exercise is very important for bone health. We should schedule at least five weekly sessions of a bone-building activity, such as walking, jogging, yoga, weight training, or resistance exercise.

Did you know that weight-bearing exercise signals the body to deposit minerals in the bones, especially in the hips, spine, and legs, where the minerals can be used to fortify the bones?

Drinking soda is bad for your bones! Soda contains phosphates which leach calcium from bones. 
Fresh, filtered, pure water is a much better choice.
As the ad says, "Milk is good food."  Actually, the truth is (by recent studies) milk does contain calcium, but it is not in a form that is easily absorbed by our bodies. If it comes from factory-farm cows treated with antibiotics and hormones for growth, it's not very healthy. It's best if the product comes from organically raised, grass-fed cows.  The calcium will not be more absorbable, but at least it will be healthier.

Want to know another big problem? The fact that the Standard American Diet's (SAD) meat, eggs, and dairy foundation creates an acidic environment in the body! The body becomes over acidic, then the buffering minerals like calcium are pulled from our bodies to reduce acidity. The milk raises acidity that forces our bodies to steal the calcium in the milk and use it for buffering, rather than bone building.

Well, we do need calcium to maintain good bone health. It is hard to get the Recommended Daily Allowance (RDA) from food alone, so supplements are required. RDA states that adult men and women up to the age of 50 should consume 1,000 mg of calcium daily. After age 50, women need 1,200 mg daily, while men remain at 1,000 mg.  After age 71, both men and women should aim for 1,200 mg each day.  It's also suggested those doses be split throughout the day. Instead of purchasing 1,000 mg doses,  get 250 mg portions and take them throughout the day. Other vitamins, such as Vitamin D, Vitamin K2 (dark, leafy greens, broccoli, asparagus, Brussels sprouts, and cauliflower), Magnesium (seafood and lean meats), 
and Manganese (whole grain nuts, seeds, avocados, leafy greens, and legumes), 
are all good sources to help absorb calcium for bone health.

I hope this advise is helpful for you. I know it is for me. Our bodies are constantly working hard to build new bone and we can help out with some moderate exercise, smart food choices, and a few supplements.

I am joining Mary today at Little Red House for Mosaic Monday.

Here's to your health!

Photos by Brenda


  1. Hi Brenda, The older I get, the more I realize how important it is for us to take care of ourselves.. Hubby and I walk most every day now --which is great exercise for those of us almost 70. AND--we eat healthy and both of us take vitamins... I realize now that I should have done this when I was MUCH younger.. Oh Well!!!!!

    Hope life is good for you this week...We have lots of snow on the ground and the temp is in the 20's this morning... Brrrrrr.

    Please get rid of that horrible Word Verification ---PLEASE... Thanks.

    1. It's good to hear from you, Betsy.
      I didn't know my blog was asking for "Word Verification." I didn't request it...
      I'll check it out and try to get rid of it. I don't like them either!
      You and George have a fabulous day!

  2. Wow, lots of good information, Brenda. I am in such need of all of those good things. But it seems I have to even schedule my blinking around the work day. There has been very little time for anything personal. I hope I can change that.


  3. Bone loss is such a problem for women, so the good example and standard that you're setting for the girls is great!

  4. P.S. Love your mosaics, by the way!

  5. Hello, Brenda
    I've recently started taking supplements; no doubt it should have been sooner. I should get off this blogging chair and move my bones around!
    Thanks for the kind comments on my cards.

  6. Great nutritional advice and sweet mosaics, too! Your girls are so cute! I taught exercise classes for over 25 years, and still walk and bike. I stopped taking calcium supplements when they bothered my stomach. I know I should start them again, making sure to take them with a meal... Thanks for the reminder! xoxo

  7. Hi Brenda, I am in need of all the above. A major overhaul! Great mosaic! I will see if I can leave a comment..

    1. It's me Roberta from in other words and pictures..I have been able to leave a comment lately, so I will go with sunny smiles. It is tied in with when I had a blog here..I don't know but have wanted to say hello for the longest time..Have a beautiful kind of day and God Bless you and yours...

  8. Good for you to start your girls off early knowing the importance of calcium and exercise.
    Exercise has always been part of my lifestyle and I was happy to add yoga a couple of years ago.
    Great post and mosaics.

  9. awwww the girls look like they're having so much fun at the park! what a helpful advise! I'm glad i never like soda but i do love milk in my tea :) thank you for letting me know how much calcium a woman need! and gotta do more weight bearing exercise now!