Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Catching Up on the Photo Challenge

Happy Leap Year!!  I was doing a photo challenge at Fat Mum Slim, but I found out that it was harder for me to do than I expected.  I just couldn't keep up with the day to day photos. So now since we are at the end of February, I will do the best I can to complete this series.

17.  Time
Time is fleeting. Make the most of each and every day.

18. Drink
I actually have my eye on the water across the table. Drink plenty of water.

19. Something you hate to do
Making the last choice for a dear friend. This is Sadie. Passed away Feb 27, 2012.

20. Handwriting
Autograph from a star.

21. A fave photo of you
I was about 4 years old; taken at my grandmothers house.

22. Where you work
I organize events. Just one of the hats I wear...

23. Your shoes
These are my old trusties!! I love these shoes. Terrible, terrible toes...
I didn't do a good manicure.  Sorry.

24. Inside your bathroom cabinet
The picture is blurred, I guess, for a purpose. I couldn't hold the camera still for this shot. 
I don't have a traditional bathroom cabinet. My husband made these shelves 
out of old barn wood and the cabinet above is an old Army artillery box.  
I had painted this picture on the wall. The frame was dug up 
from an old farm land years ago. It was put together with pegs, 
so we are thinking late 1800s or early 1900s.
We still can't figure out what color to paint the bathroom.

25. Green
My Doodles. Her favorite colors are blue and green.

26. Night
The night life. This is my husband on the right ,with his band.

27.  Something you ate
A wonderful, healthy dish of chicken, red peppers and zucchinis.

28. Money
Money is also fleeting.
It's my son's birthday. No longer a teenager...
Sometimes I miss my little boy.

29. Something you're listening to
Construction on the outside, but I can't seem to get a picture of it. I apologize.

That's it! I'm finally caught up.
Visit Fat Mum Slim. She's FABULOUS!

I also want to thank Karen from My Little Home and Garden, for
letting my know how to make my photos larger. Thanks, Karen.
You should pay her a visit, too. She has a wonderful blog.

Here's to your health!


  1. Such fun photos! But sad about Sadie...she was a lively sweet personality who just wanted to have fun. I suppose, now I thinking about it, there's something to learn from her.

    I think your tooties look cute. Love the sandals.

    Marianne xo

  2. I'm glad I was able to help, Brenda.
    So sorry to read about Sadie. It's sometimes so tough to make the right decision.

  3. Congrats on finishing the february photo challenge! i couldnt finish it as I've been poorly! i adore the photo of your lovely granddaughters! i'm so sorry to hear about sadie *hugs*. you took lovely photos, Brenda! i love your shoes and Happy Birthday to your son! your husband is so creative to have made the shelves out of and old barn wood! all photos are beautiful! i would love to know how to make the photos larger in the post!