Wednesday, November 2, 2011

How to Lose 10 Pounds 50 Ways....

Joy Manning from Prevention has listed 50 different ways that we can shed 10 pounds. She states that what helps one person lose weight may backfire on another. The only successful way to reach and maintain a healthy weight is to find what works for you. There's a million ways to gain 10 pounds (and very quickly I might add), but here are 50 ways to lose them.

1. Studies show that dieters who guzzled plenty of H2O lost more weight than those who didn't.
2. Divide your normal portion meal by two and save the rest for later. It's possible to feel full on less food.
3. Vegetarians have lower body weight than their meat-eating peers. Go meatless 'til you shed a few pounds.
4. If Vegetarianism is not helping, then swear off eggs and dairy. Cheese can be a diet killer.
5. Eliminate all packaged foods. Eat only fresh ingredients you've prepared. No bags, boxes, cans or cartons.
6. Diet 2 days a week. If you can't stay with a program, slash those calories to 650 a day 2 days a week.
7. Read the Nutrition Fact labels.You will find sugar in unexpected places; pasta sauce and frozen entrees.
8. Eliminating floury foods like white bread and pastries will kick-start your weight loss plan.
9. Replace alcoholic beverages with water. Alcohol is nothing but empty calories.
10. Take short 2 minutes walks after sitting for 30 minutes. This will bump up your weight loss.
11. Studies show that fidgety types burn more calories than their stationary peers.
12. Studies show that those who don't get enough sleep eat more and reach for more fattening grub.
13. Thirty minutes of sex burns at least 60 calories for a 150 pound woman.
14. Meals eaten away from home have 134 more calories, on average. Eat at home. (A tough one for me!)
15. Start a weight loss blog. Then you're not just losing for yourself. ;)
16. Call it the humiliation diet, but many credit the accountability for their weight loss success.  (hmmm....)
17. You are more likely to show up at the gym if you have someone to go with. Find a buddy.
18. Bring a taste of "The Biggest Loser" to your workout for extra motivation.
19. Veg out! Fill two-thirds of your plate with vegetables, which are less caloric dense and more nutritious.
20. Studies show that snacking on shelled pistachios shed more pounds than those who ate other snacks.
21. A recent study showed that eating one grapefruit daily helped 58 percent of subjects to lose weight.
22. Paying by credit card shows vulnerability to impulse buying for more fattening snacks you shouldn't have.
23. A recent report: scented cosmetics make us crave foods they remind us of, which make us eat more.
24. Before digging in, consider the healthiness of your food chooses.
25. Do anything with your hands to keep your busy. This will distract you from your cravings.
26. Have an athletic goal. It motivates us to exercise regularly in a way that nothing else can.
27. Fitness can be fun. Join a sports league.
28. Quit sugary drinks! Some supersize sodas have 500-plus calories. Juice isn't much better. Drink water.
29. While your dining companion devours a cheesecake, order up a skim cappuccino instead.
30. Join a program. US News recently rated Weight Watchers the best choice for weight loss.
31. Standing burns at least 30-percent more calories than sitting.

32. Is there such a thing as a treadmill desk? Studies suggest you can burn an additional 800 calories during your workday--if you continually walk at a very slow pace. If there is one....I WANT ONE!
33. Eat soup for dinner! Soup has high water content, low-calories, and filling! Stay clear of the creamy kind.
34. Stop the yo-yo dieting; you only get fatter. Instead, make a serious lifestyle change.
35. Quit snacking. The real reason the French don't get fat is it's cultural faux pas to eat between meals.
36. Go gluten free. It's not a miracle diet, but can be a short-term experiment to can lead to weight loss.
37. Cayenne pepper really can rev up your metabolism, according to recent research.
38. Walk or ride your bicycle to work.

39. Eat breakfast! Those that eat a morning meal have shown to be slimmer than those that skip breakfast.
40. Low-fat dairy consumption seems to speed weight-loss. Scientists credit the calciu.
41. Eat more yogurt. Studies revealed yogurt ranked the best for maintaining a healthy weight.
42. At the TOP of the list for foods that make you add pounds.....POTATO CHIPS. Drop them...
43. Take a long bicycle ride around your hometown to see the sights, while torching a ton of calories.
44. Sign a contract with yourself. If you don't shed the pounds, then give money to a charity you don't like.

45. It is suggested to weigh yourself daily. (To me, it only brings on stress...I don't think I will be doing this.)
46. A short daily meditation can help you keep binge-inducing anxieties in check.
47. Drinking 8 or more glasses of ice water a day may help your body burn fat.
48. A creative outlet is likely to boost your self-esteem and take your mind off food.
49. Brush and floss. Who wants to ruin their minty-fresh breath with a snack?
50. Before you dig in, visualize yourself eating a treat. Scientist suggests if you do this mental exercise, you are likely to eat less of what you first imagined.

As stated above, choose what you think will work best for you.

Here's to your health!

The Lord heals your diseases, redeems your life from the pit, satisfies you with good, shows compassion to his children, and knows your frame. The Lord is merciful and gracious, slow to anger and abounding in steadfast love.
Psalm 103: 3-14

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  1. Wow! Good suggestions, Brenda. The one about the French not eating between meals made me chuckle, because I found a loophole...since we're really suppose to have about 5 small (healthy) meals during the day instead of three big meals, then it really wouldn't be considered eating in between :)

    I still have a hard time on work days to get enough water in me. But today is a new day!

    Marianne xo

  2. OH OH!! THANK YOU SOOO MUCH BRENDA FOR THE INFORMATION!! I definitely going to copy and paste this and printed out for a reminder! i had to chuckle on sex part haha and agreeing on going to a gym with a buddy, too bad all of my friends are alredy so slim and they dont want to go to the gym *sigh* and the cheese part is abit tough as i tend to eat my sandwich with it and i love cheese but i need to be careful not to eat it as snack that i currently doing often! and i sooo agree with you about weighing everyday which i have been doing alot and it brings more stress and not to mention each time i want to wear a dress and it doesnt fit me *sigh*...thanks again Brenda for the great post!