Friday, November 18, 2011

My First PINK Saturday

Some are just beginning while others are coming to an end.

Take a look inside. Some don't like what they see; others have good seeds to share.

Reflect the purpose of what life has to offer.

Grow to strengths immeasurable.

Quench your thirst with the Living Water.

Let your Little Light shine!!

Surround yourself with beauty. Be joyful in the day.

Open up to the sunshine and breathe in the wind.

I give thanks for the little things that are enormous in His sight.

I am linking with Leisure Lane during this Pink Saturday.

All photos by Brenda Stevens.


  1. OOooo..your post is very pink and soothing, Brenda. I like how you said "...little things that are enormous in His sight." Good to see you on Pink Saturday.

    Have the pinkest Saturday,

  2. Happy Pink Saturday, Brenda! What gorgeous photos and roses! "Little things are enormous in His sight." I love that! Wishing you a wonderful weekend.


  3. so beautiful! love all the photos, so perfectly captured, welcome to Pink saturday, Brenda! Have a lovely pink Saturday!


  4. What lovely roses, Brenda. God's handiwork is truly remarkable and you're so right in acknowledging that little things are enormous in His sight. Sometimes I feel pretty "little" and I'm so thankful I'm important to Him! Happy Pink Saturday and thanks for your thoughtful words on Cottage and Creek. I appreciate them.