Tuesday, November 8, 2011

A Terrific Teacup Tuesday

Yes, I said it! It's a TERRIFIC TEACUP TUESDAY!!
I love visiting the other blogs on Teacup Tuesday, hopefully to meet new people
and enjoy what they have to share.

As I have said before, I don't have the beautiful sets of teacups. Tea Time is all new to me.
Although I love drinking tea, I never thought of collecting beautiful tea sets. I think that I should start...

So what I would like to share with you are some gifts that I received from some elites
that get to travel all over the world. They not only bring me back some kind of treasure,
but they also brings gifts back to all others in my office. It makes us feel appreciated.

This cup has the flower on one side and the sun and moon on the other.
It was brought back from Spain.

This beautiful gift is from India. It has beautiful peacocks all around it.

I believe it can be used to hold pencils, but I just set it on top of my desk for viewing.
I love the detailed work.

Thank you wonderful people for thinking of us on  your travels. 
It feels wonderful to know that you appreciate us on your long journeys.

3 John 1:2 - Dear friend, I pray that you may enjoy good health
and that all may go well with you, 
even as your soul is getting along well.

I join Pat at Artfully Ooglebloops for Teacup Tuesday.


  1. Brenda, what a beautiful bright pink sunflower, and the sweet calla lily for accent on your cup. And the peacock cheerfully greets you every morning and pops out to say, "have a happy day"...How nice of these people to remember you on their travels.

    Thank you for sharing these, and have a glorious day.

    Marianne xo

  2. what a striking teacups! i love the gorgeous flower and the sun and moon design on one cup and the cup from india is just gorgeous! i missed teacup tuesday as i've been abit busy lately but i hope i wont miss next week's!

    thanks for sharing your beautiful treasures, Brenda