Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Healthy Tea Day!

I had written a "poem" the other day and quickly filed it away. I remembered it a few days later and was going to take a look at it again, but could not find it. I contacted my dear friend Marianne, to help me pray for this written piece, that God would bring it to mind where I had filed it. After I asked her to pray I ended up not having any time to search for it again. She contacted me yesterday to let me know that she was praying. (She is such a great friend and I can always count on her.) I told her yesterday that I ended up not having time to search for it, but I hoped that when I really needed it that it will just show up. I found it this morning (filed away in my pictures and not in my writings) and thought that I would share it with you for today's tea time.

Although it starts out "It was a dark, chilly morning," it's not. Our days are now humid and hot. Can you believe that in March it is in the 80's here?  But when I wrote this piece, it was a dark, chilly morning and raining.

Beating the Chill
It was a dark, chilly morning, but I hurried over to a good friend's house.
A hot cup of tea will sooth the chill inside my soul
and bless my heart for health.
Now the chill of the day can be good or it can be bad.

A bad chill will consume you and make you feel like
you will never be warm again.
It can shiver your bones, sending you to bed
without a delight in your heart.
If you let it consume you, it will take over your day.

A good chill can be a reminder that you need
to be uplifted with a good cup of hot tea
and maybe some morsels of treats
to delight your whole being,
giving strength to your shivering body.

A good chill can remind you to put more kindling
on the fire to douse that cold feeling.
A cozy fire eases the chill and calms your soul
giving peace to a tiring mind.

Visiting with a good friend will also warm that chill in your heart.
It will give you a new way to review your day
and send you off with lots of happiness.

Whatever it takes, the chill should not have the last say.
Be thankful for the many ways to beat the chill.

As you can see, the chill that I speak of does not just speak of feeling cold.
The chill is in reference to our choices, or having bad emotions.
Whether good or bad, each choice or emotion has an outcome.
So make good choices for yourself, and keep your emotions intact.
Let us make the choice that keeps peace between us and God.

Jesus said to Peter in Luke 22:32, "But I have prayed for you, Simon, that your faith may not fail. And when you have turned back, strengthen your brothers."

God did not stop Peter from being chilled. Instead Jesus prayed that Peter's faith would not fail and his victory would be a testimony for others. In the same way we are to pray more and to ask God to help us so our faith will not fail or be chilled.

I would like to join Martha at Martha's Favorites for tea today.

Here's to your health!


  1. I am glad your poem found it's way back to you. Things are never really lost, when we are ready to see they appear. You do indeed have a good friend and I hope you acquire many many more.
    Have a great T day.

  2. Brenda, how lovely!!! Yay, I'm glad you found your poem. I knew you would. Oh, my goodness, you speak volumes in this poem. I love all your analogies, and I love the way you give solutions for the chills. Some days, I must admit, I go to bed with that chill in my heart, but most days I put a log on the fire, or drink a warm cup of tea.

    Thank you for your poignant reminder to stay in faith.

    Marianne xox


    I'm just making my rounds...visiting everyone on the linky list....I think I'm #21 on the list...but it's not showing up yet!

    Thanks for sharing your precious tea with me today.
    Hope you'll stop by to read my nostalgic post about my love of collecting and using tea cups!

    ciao bella

    Creative Carmelina

  4. Brenda what an interesting poem. I had never really thought of a chilly start to the day like that, but I love the way you put over the idea.

    God moves in mysteries ways.

    Thank you

  5. Very sweet! I am glad you found your lost poem!

  6. Hi Brenda, Great poem --and I love the way you used the 'chill'.... Yes---life is about choices and ATTITUDE!!!!

    You all are hot in TX --and we are WARM here in TN. Had the windows and doors opened today... Felt like spring for sure... Our neighbors had their AC on...

    We had a wonderful trip to West VA ---but both of us came home with colds.. NOT FUN...

  7. Oh i'm so happy that you found the poem you written, marianne is a great friend indeed! the power of prayers from both of you are answered by GOD! what a beautiful poem you written, Brenda! and i love the video clip of your adorable granddaughters, they wear cute hats!