Friday, March 9, 2012

Photo Challenge with Fat Mum Slim-March 2012

I have decided to join Chantelle at Fat Mum Slim's in her March 2012 Photo Challenge. Chantelle is a fabulous lady and I enjoy this challenge. I sometimes find it difficult to post these day to day photos, so I am going to try my best to post each week.  So here we go:

1. Up
He was so close we could hold a conversation. You can also see how humid the day was.

2. Fruit
My father-in-law's orange tree a couple of years ago. They are called Blood Orange.

3. Your Neighborhood
A good day for balloons!

4. Bedside
Note to self: replace with items easier to dust...

5. A Smile
When my now 20 year old was about 4 years old, he use to draw
these happy faces. My husband, still to this day, have these hanging
in his once-upon-a-time office. My son use to leave these all
over the house. He was a happy little boy.

6.  5 PM
I'm back in my neighborhood. I made this one to look like a painting.

7.  Something you wore
I use to wear this dress during the time I first met my wonderful husband.
I was very petite and this dress was my favorite. It looked very feminine.
Notice all the details.  It is handmade in Indonesia.
This is the back view. Notice how low it goes.
  OK, I'm getting carried away with beautiful memories with this dress.  ah-hum...

8.  Window
My kitchen window, of course!
The frame looks green in this picture, but it's actually white.
Note to self: learn how to use better lighting.

9.  Red
A favorite spoon dish.

Well, that challenge was fun. Take time to visit Chantelle
at Fat Mum Slim and join in the challenge.  You still have time!

The best part is getting to view the photos that others took!

Here's to your health!


  1. Great photos Brenda, just adore the smile I love children's pictures when they draw legs and arms from the face :) I am a primary school teacher but not working now because of Crohns Disease and I miss the art work the most! :)

    Have a wonderful weekend sweetie

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

    1. Hi, Miss Bee. I am so happy that you visited today. My granddaughter now fill that void I had for children's art! LOL. They are very good artists as well.

      I am sorry to hear about the Crohns Disease. My sister-in-law suffers with that also. Have you heard of Jordan Rubin? He had Crohns very badly and ended up being completely cured and wrote this book called, "The Maker's Diet." If you haven't heard, then maybe you could check him out. I am finding out more and more as I research health, it is very important what we feed our bodies. And in most cases can repair the damage by life style changes.

      I wish you happiness and good health.

  2. Love the photos, Brenda...and yes, I notice the XS on the're so funny. Your son's drawing is so cute and brings back lots of memories. Where does childhood go? Oh, that's right, it gets backed away neatly in a mother's heart.

    The window art is so pretty. Enjoy a cool day,

    Marianne xo

    1. Thanks, Marianne. You were suppose to notice that it was "Handmade in Indonesia," but awfully glad you noticed the XS! That was back in the day when my body use to cooperate with me; now a days I have to cooperate with my body. COL...
      Love you!

  3. Nice photos...I liked your son's drawing best :)

  4. awwww your favorite dress comes from my country! it's beautiful! I adore your 5pm photo, so picturesque and the colorful of those hot air balloons! the smiley drawings of your son made me smile! love the red spoon dish you got and the gorgeous kitchen window! your bedside looks lovely, i love the painting in the corner.

    Have a lovely week, Brenda!


  5. Great photo's. The drawing your son had drawn, is just so cute! What a beautiful stained glass window.