Friday, March 16, 2012

Photo Challenge with Fat Mum Slim-March 2012-Week 2

Here are the picture I took for the Photo Challenge with Fat Mum Slim for March 2012. 
This is dates March 10 - 16.

10.  Loud
My husband's band
11.  Someone you talked to today
My family, of course.

12.  Fork
A delicious salad at the end of my fork makes me feel so healthy.

13.  A sign
This is a sign that Spring is near...
14.  Clouds

15.  Car
 This is a beauty!!

16.  Sunglasses
See what a mess they left for me to clean off the table?
That's it until next week. Fat Mum Slim has a great following. 
There are nearly 1000 people joined in for the March Photo Challenge .

Here's to your health!!


  1. I've never heard of Fat Mum Slim, but I'll check it out in a lil bit (nice pick-up, definitely a beauty!)... right now, I want to thank you for your comment & prayers for my lil nephew, Landon! I appreciate it so much! =)

  2. Le jazzmen sont des gens bien. Le jazz, c'est la vie en route.


    1. La musique fait une manière pendant une vie heureuse ! ! Heureux vous avez visité. Here' ; s à votre santé ! ! Brenda

  3. Fun photos, Brenda. My fave is the one with you in sunglasses! Ha! and that's pretty funny to see the messy table in them. You look pretty cool, though.

    Always enjoy your blog posts.
    Marianne xo

  4. nice candid pics...salad looks yummy :)

  5. Hi, Brenda, just found your comment on my blog and wanted to come over to say hello! Love your cheery blog! Have a good weekend! blessings,Kathleen

  6. I love the "Loud" Photo! your husband's band is just awesome!your family picture is just lovely as well as the cloud photo! all beautifully captured! the salad looks oh so yummy!