Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Tea Tuesday or Maybe Sake Tuesday

I came upon a couple of yard sales over the weekend.
I was not planning to go to any yard sales, but
there were two in my neighborhood. When I came
back from my morning shopping, I decided to stop at only one.
It seems I made the right choice for the stop. Here is what I found.

Beautiful embroidered handkerchiefs from Japan.
My neighbor said that during her travels to Japan
she picked these up many, many years ago.

The handkerchiefs have Yokohama Goods on them with 
Japanese writing and then 001.  I didn't notice that
at the time or I would have asked her what it meant.

 The handkerchiefs are pure silk and the embroidering is very beautiful.
I love the ships and the flowers.

The sake cup came in this little wooden box.

Sake is a clear alcoholic beverage popularly produced and consumed in Japan.
It is made from rice and water. It is said that water is very important to make good sake.

I've never had sake, but I just couldn't pass up these beautiful items.
Sake is served in tokkuri (small sake bottles) and poured into
o-choko (small sake cups). It is considered polite to pour sake
into each others cup when you are drinking with someone.
You should always notice if your company's cup is empty or not.
When someone wants to pour you more sake, you should
hold your o-choko cup up.

Sake can be served hot or cold. Hot sake is called atsukan,
and cold sake is called hiyazake.

I just couldn't let this beautiful find go to waste. It cost me all of $2.00.

I would love join these beautiful ladies for Tea Time Tuesday:
Terri at Artful Affirmations.  Terri's blog is always so cheerful.
Martha at Martha's Favorites. Martha is a delightful lady with many delightful collections.
Trisha at Sweetology. Trisha's blog is just full of many wonderful treats all created by her.
Sandi at Rose Chintz. Sandi has a wonderful blog and tea time is always enjoyable.

Please take time a visit these wonderful ladies. They are as sweet as Trisha's treats.

Here's to your health!


  1. You did good,Brenda...these are beautiful. You can use the handkerchiefs while drinking tea from your sake cups.

    The embroidery is beautiful. This is a perfect set to help teach slowing down. Remember I mentioned that I was going to practice that today? When you watch the Japanese at a ritual tea pouring every movement is done with very slow precision. It's calming.

    You've found some good treasures. Thank you for sharing them today, friend.

    Marianne xo

  2. A two dollar treasure! What sweet items and the tea cups are totally sweet too! I have never had sake either, and I have wondered what it is like. Some day I will give it a go : )

  3. I can see why you're glad you stopped at the sales, Brenda.
    What lovely things. And I'm so happy they've found a new home at your house. I know you'll enjoy them. I hope you are having a lovely day and enjoying this first day of Spring.
    Lynn at Cottage and Creek

  4. Hi Brenda, What a great find for you!!!! Those embroidered handkerchiefs are AWESOME... So are the sake cups. There's so many intricate details in both... WOW!!!!! Enjoy your new treasures!

  5. Hello Brenda,
    The hankies are very cute with their embroidery. The cups actually look like little Japanese tea cups to me. You're not serving alcohol, you're just describing their use, so go ahead and link up! Happy Spring, my friend, and enjoy this first week of the new season.


  6. Hello Brenda~ These little cups would also be nice serving a delicate oolong. I love the napkins...what a find! I can see this set being used for a Japanese themed CHerry Blossom teatime. Happy Spring~

  7. Those embroidered handkerchiefs are soo beautiful! i love everything japanese and i always wanted to go there maybe someday! those sake cups are lovely too! thank you for sharing the information about it. Happy Spring and Happy Weekend, Brenda!


  8. I like the little sake cups, Brenda. I imagine they would be nice for tea as well.

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