Tuesday, March 27, 2012

It's Tea Time Tuesday!

Well, we are at the end of March. Can you believe it?
The time keeps moving on and it's another tea time Tuesday.
Today is my birthday.
I visited micupoftea at Poetry in a Pot and found out
that I was the winner of her beautiful tea box.

I was Lucky #13.  I never really thought that 13 could be so lucky.

Mi is a delightful lady.  She has wonderful health tips, is a collector, and
her photos are just perfect that explains her style and uniqueness!!
I hope you pay her a visit.  Thanks, Mi for the opportunity
to sign up for your awesome giveaway!  
I am looking forward to trying the tea.

Now since it's my birthday I think it's appropriate to share
another wish list.... of AYNSLEY CHINA!
I guess by now most of you know that blue is one of my
favorite colors. And I am also finding out about myself
that I love the cups with big roses.

This is an Aynsley Textured Bluish Victorian's Tea Cup and Saucer Duo.
I love the beautiful color, handle, and scalloped edges.
Such a BEAUTY!

This is a gorgeous Aynsley "Robin's Egg Blue,"
English Fine Bone China Tea Cup and Saucer.
Another of my favorites with the big rose!

 Since I am making three wishes today, here is a lovely set!
This is Bell China Flowered Victorian's Tea Cup and Saucer Duo.

The wishes are made; the tea is ready.

I will join these awesome ladies for tea!
Trisha at Sweetology

These wonderful ladies always have new and exciting
things happening in their lives. Pay them a visit.
You won't regret it.

Here's to your health!


  1. HaPpY BiRThDaY, Brenda!!The first cup is stunning!! I've never seen one like that before. I love cups with roses, too. I hope all your wishes come true.

    I love you, friend,
    Marianne xox

  2. Happy Birthday to you Dear Brenda!!!
    May you have a year of lovely opportunities to experience Joy!
    Your cup wish list is fab! Aynsley is such a find company and created so many wonderful patters. Your first cup is a fine example of why they became so well known. What a design, what a handle, what a color combination! The other cups too though are just as special. I have a few Aynsleys myself as I love them so.
    Thanks so much for sharing.
    Have a wonderful birthday!

  3. Happy Birthday, Brenda! May your day be very special and the coming year grant you many blessings from above!

    Congratulations on winning Shawn's Giveaway too. I have never thought of 13 as being unlucky, especially since my youngest was born on the 13th. Good things happen and special people are born on that day! :) I'm not at all superstitious!

    Your teacups are lovely! I love the Aynsley robin egg blue one; probably because it's one of my favourite colours. Of course I love the big roses too.
    Thank you, dear lady, for joining me for tea on your birthday and have a wonderful day.


  4. Hi Brenda: Happy Birthday! I have to tell you how much I love when you visit me. It feels like an old friend has stop by. What a wonderful way you have. I am so delighted with your tea cups today. Not sure which one I love the most. The Aynsley's are always so stunning. Thank you so much for sharing it with us. Hugs, Martha

  5. Happy birthday and happy T on T hope it's a great day

  6. Happy Birthday! What a fun tea post too :)

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving such a nice comment!
    Cheers! Kimmie

  7. Hello Brenda,
    congratulations to your birthday and to your win. You share so wonderful tea cups and you won the tea for many tea times. I hope you will enjoy it always. Thank you for sharing this beautiful treasures.
    Best greetings, Johanna

  8. Happy birthday to you and the giveaway you won must have meant to be, #13 can be lucky!
    I like the robins's egg blue teacup, it would be a pleasure to sip tea from it.

  9. Happy Birthday Brenda ..

    Can you hear me singing?... How appropriate that you should win the draw( ha Ha)... May your day be filled with tea , tea and more tea to fill each and every one of those lovely cups and saucer... I particularly like the first blue and gold one...Such rich tones ...HMMMM Beautiful... Enjoy your day .. and please do stop over for a chat at the " Grand lady sometime ...Hugs

  10. Hi Brenda,
    Happy Birthday to you and congratulations on winning the giveaway! All your teacups are so beautiful and would be a delight to drink tea from.
    Thank you for the lovely comment you left me on my blog and for being a follower. I am now a follower of your blog also and will be back soon to view your past posts.
    Happy Spring to you,

  11. Happy Birthday, Brenda... Hope you have had a wonderful day...

    Love the teacups... They are all beautiful!!!!

  12. Hope your day is blessed! SO glad you are happy you won the giveaway, and thanks for the shout out for my blog.
    SHawn...aka Micupoftea

  13. A very Happy Birthday to you :) I hope you have a lovely day.
    Congrats on winning the give-away, I love the keep calm tea package/box.
    What lovely teacups!

  14. Congrats on winning! Very cute tea and sweet blog here!

  15. Many Happy Birthday Wishes to You! Wonderful tea box! The Aynsley teacups on your list are gorgeous! The blues are really something.

  16. Hi! I so enjoyed your comments on my blog the other day. Thank you. And, thanks for following. Have you seen my new header and background photo on my WordPress blog? It's embroidery of my mom's. Reminds me of the handkerchiefs you feature in another post (below this one I think).

    Smiling Sally does a meme for Blue Monday, where things blue are featured. She's on Blogspot too, might be an easy search. I hate to put links in the comments.

    Those are some pretty teacups! Over on Marianne's post about your blog, I wrote about some coffee cups my mom drank out of once. Hopefully a funny story.

    Well, it's nice to meet you. Marianne covered you and your blog very well. She's good at that. Haven't heard from her in a few days though. Hope all's well w/her and you. Nice to meet some of your family too. (I read down to the taking the chill out ...)

    See you 'round!

    If I can't make this sign w/my WordPress id, I'll use my Google ID (I reopened the Google blog recently).

    Thanks agai.