Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Tea with an Angel

I have learned that when joining others for tea, it is not only the tea that is enjoyed,
but others admire the beauty and daintiness of a tea set just as much.  I believe it
does matter what you put your tea in.

I have found the most enjoyable site with every kind of beautiful tea ware.
In searching for Angels, I came upon http://angelsgalleries.com.  So I sat with a
wonderful green tea and searched the site.

This lovely porcelain teapot is called "Summer Rose."
I just love the beautiful teaset lid because it's just different.

Since I'm just crazy about blue...
I had just missed the sale.
Angel had this lovely teaset on sale for $59.95.
At a price like that, they are now out of stock.

There were so many beautiful teasets on this site, 
it was hard for me to choose what to show you.
Some things I had never seen before.
  Such as a teapot warmer!
They had several styles, but this one was my favorite.
It has lots of charm!!

Not only do they have teasets for the adults,
 Angel has lovely, adorable teasets for children!
This teaset reminded me so much of the 50s.
And me with two beautiful granddaughters,
that LOVE PRINCESSES, it was just
right to show this set.

And if you are a collector...
 you are going to LOVE these porcelain miniature teasets.

I'm glad I was searching for Angels this morning!

As our friend C.S. Lewis once said,
"Tea should be taken in solitude."

I would LOVE to join Terri at Artful Affirmations
for tea this morning. She has lots of wisdom to
share with you in how to choose your cups wisely.
Terri is one of my favorites in Tea Cup Collectors.

Here's to your health!


  1. I don't know whether to thank you for this post or not ... too many wonderful tea sets to dream about!!! I guess it is virtual shopping so I can't get in too much trouble!!!!! Happy Tea Day!

  2. OMG ..Didn't you have fun and goodness ... I think you've started something... not that I need a push, but I saw at least three teasets on your post that I'd like ( ha Ha)...It's a dangerous little heaven ( hee Hee) .. but OH ... Sooooo ENJOYABLE... Thanks for sharing... Hugs

  3. Hi Brenda, I wondered if you heard from Snap... She's my other blog friend who loves tea and tea sets... Bet you were in heaven with all of those beauties.... GORGEOUS.

    1. I just love Snap! She has the most interesting blog. I'm also a follower.
      Hugs to you,

  4. Oh yes, I went to this site just now and they do have quite a bit of china!
    I too, love the blue, white and gold tea set! And that sale price was so cheap!
    I find my tea cups and tea pots mostly at antique shops, flea markets, and GW. I always look for Paragon, Limoges, and Foley...they seem to be my favorite at the time. You are always safe buying a Paragon in good condition.
    Happy tea cup hunting : )

  5. Gorgeous china in your site, thanks for sharing . I am totally crazy for the cobalt blue Russian tea set too! Wish I can get it someday, it's gorgeous!
    Hugs from Mratha's Tea cup party.

  6. Hi Brenda~ Well, the nice thing about tea drinking is that it is perfectly delightful BOTH ways, in the company of another or alone. I LOVE Russian colors and designs...striking deep blues! Thx for stopping by this week. Enjoy the end of June,

  7. Hi Brenda: I always look forward to your comments. You have a way of just making me feel good. Thank you for that blessing. I love the tea set you found today. I will have to go visit that website. Have a wonderful week dear friend. Hugs, Martha

  8. How serendipitous, Brenda! I will have to visit the site. Thank you for sharing and introducing us to something new and exciting.

    Blessings dear friend,

  9. Oh my! What beautiful tea settings! Love that clear glass set! Hugs and blessings, Cindy