Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Watching the Sunset with a Good Cup of Tea

I could see anyone enjoying a good cup of tea
with this Ansley Tea Set.
Beautiful gold trim around the cup, 
handle, and even on the tea pot.
The decorations are so...delightful.

Drink your tea slowly and reverently, as if it is the axis
on which the world earth revolves - slowly, evenly,
without rushing toward the future. ~Thich Nat Hahn

Here are some very beautiful Infuser Tea Mugs.
I love the handles on these and
the mugs are decorated so
The delicate flowers have flare!

Speaking of flares...I once took a friend with
me to Tennessee to visit my mother and other
family members. My mother was telling us a
wonderful story of going into another town
and she saw the most beautiful "FLARES"
she had every seen. My friend looked at me
and said, "Flares, what are flares?"
I started laughing and told her, "FLOWERS!"
She and I still laugh about that to this day.
I also had to translate other words for her. Tee-hee.

Well, I saw the most beautiful sunset last night.
My wonderful husband and I sat for a moment
to watch it unfold. I'd like to share it with you.

I hope I didn't share too many with you! It was just so glorious!! 
And the sun rises and sets on the good and the bad.
God is Gracious!!

As I was standing there taking all these beautiful pictures,
thanking God for His beauties and His mercies,
there were many people that drove by wondering what
I was looking at. A couple of people took a glance, 
but quickly looked away.
Finally, one person pulled over and
took the time to enjoy the view for only a moment
and then sped off like he was on fire.
Oh people, you need to take time to drink it all in;
quite your souls and feel the beauty.

I hope you have a lovely tea day!
Martha, Sandi, and Terri are hosting Tea Time Tuesday
for today. I would like to join them in celebrating a 
wonderful drink. The best part about the drink 
are the wonderful cups,saucers, and tea pots. 
Martha, Sandi, and Terri have many
beautiful collections. And DO check out 
the desserts!
 It is very strange, this domination of our intellect by our
digestive organs. We cannot work, we cannot think,
unless our stomach wills so. It dictates to us our
emotions, our passions. After eggs and bacon it says,
"Work!" After beefsteak and porter, it says, "Sleep!"
After a cup of tea (two spoonfuls for each cup, and
don't let it stand for more than three minutes), it says
to the brain, "Now rise, and show your strength. 
Be eloquent, and deep, and tender; see, with a 
clear eye, into Nature, and into life: spread your
white wings of quivering thought, and soar,
a god-like spirit, over the whirling world beneath
you, up through long lanes of flaming stars
to the gates of eternity!"
~Jerome K. Jerome~
Three Men in a Boat

Here's to your health!


  1. Great post sweetie, your sunset photos are amazing, it is usually so hard to capture this, hope you are having a happy week :)

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

  2. Hi Brenda, Nothing can be better than some delicious hot tea while watching a gorgeous sunset. Did you see my sunset photos that I posted recently? They are similar to yours.

    Have a great day.

  3. Nice photos, Brenda. I'm glad you were able to quiet and soak in the sunset. I'm sure you made your spirit smile. More people really should do it.

    I remember one day many, many years ago, I was standing by a creek admiring a beautiful sunset. I was thanking God for it, when suddenly I felt a stinging sensation on my feet. I had been standing near a fire ant mound and the ants were swarming my feet...COL...my thankfulness soon turned to horror...It was a good experience, then bad, good, then bad, good/bad, good/bad, bad, BAD, Yowwww!!!

    Enjoy a tea-licious day!
    Marianne xox

  4. Your photos of the sun setting are beautiful, Brenda! I love the pictures God paints for us! Lovely post and thank you for coming to my party. Have a delightful day.


  5. What wonderful shots of the sunset! And your teapot is so pretty!

  6. That sure is a beautiful sunset Brenda. I love watching all the colour changes when the sunset is putting on a show. Some people really miss out on a lot don't they? Blessings, Pamela

  7. WOWZERS! Breathtaking! God is GOD of this universe! Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  8. Thanks for sharing this glorious sunset, a marvel of nature.

  9. This is indeed a glorious sunset -- I love the color of the sky. Your photos are wonderful. I'm glad you were able to translate 'Tennessean' for your friend. We still have to do that occasionally when friends from up North come to visit.

  10. wow what beautiful pictures, that sunset is gorgeous. Glory to God...

  11. Hello Brenda,
    I really enjoyed your post. The tea cup set and matching tea pot is really beautiful. I love china with birds on them : )
    It must have been a magical moment to sit and watch that beautiful sunset with your love. It is so good to stop and take the time to drink in beauty.
    I am going to go outside and pick some flares now....
    Hugs sweetie,

  12. Hi Brenda! It is so sad that we don't see the beauty that is all around us. Thank-you for sharing your sunset pictures.