Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Weekend with Peter Pan

It is such a thrill watching my granddaughters grow up, but I do wish it would slow down just a bit. I'm trying to hold on to every moment that I get to have with them. I love watching the perform. They are beautiful little dancers! This past weekend was their dance company's production of PETER PAN.

The only problem I have with this is....THEY WANT
We doting grandmothers want PICTURES!
But at least they let me take pictures BEFORE the curtain went up.

The people with the IDs around their necks
are the ones making sure you DON'T take
pictures....LOL....NO...they make sure that
you are comfortable, in the right seat, and
 will not let you back in if you go out 
during the show. LOL! So very strict!

The little theater is just amazing.
It's very old and been here for
a very long time.

The whole production was just awesome!

Doodles was a firefly on Friday evening.
They LOVE getting their flowers.

Little Bit performed on Saturday.

Doodles also was a French Maid 
for Saturday's performance.
Don't you love her colorful socks?

That's all folks! See you next performance!

I don't know about the rest of you, but

This cup is so very simple and sweet.
I love the softness about this cup.
This is a Linea Rose Infuser Mug.

Although I don't have any beautiful cups to share,
I would still like to join Martha and Terri
for Teatime Tuesday. They have some
lovely teas sets to show you today.
The visit with them is like getting
together with old friends.
I very much like their friendship.

Here's to your health!


  1. Ha-ha!!! Little Bit and Doodles are the cutest!!! Oh, it must have been very exciting for them (and for YOU!). Yes, I can imagine that they wouldn't allow picture taking during the performance. Can you imagine the distraction for the little performers?

    The cup you're displaying is agreeably quite soft and simple. Easy on the eyes. A peaceful cup.

    Blessings for the day, Brenda,
    Marianne xox

  2. Oh how precious the girls are and they looked as though they had a ball! The pictures are adorable! Nothing better than the grands. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  3. You shared a tea cup (mug) and that is just fine. I love this one you have shared, and it is an infuser too! There are times when a tea cup and saucer are not practical.

    You are a lucky grandmother! YOu have adorable granddaughters and you get to see them! Mine live very far away and I miss them all the time.
    How wonderful to see them in the play. They look totally sweet in their costumes.

  4. It's too bad you couldn't get pictures during the performance, but the ones you did get are precious. You're right about grandchildren growing up too fast.

  5. Hi Brenda: I love the pictures of your "Stars". You are so right they grow up too fast. My little Maya wants to be a movie star. God help us. Youra are just beautiful. How proud you must be. I love every minute I spend with my Grandchildren. By the looks of these pictures I think we share the same love. Lots of hugs, Martha

  6. Oh I loved seeing all the photos you were able to take. Doodles and Little Bit are absolutely precious. What a blast they must have had - they sure look like they enjoyed every bit of it. A little thoughtful on one or two photos but joyous on the others! Wonderful!! What a theater too. What a memory for you and them!

    I posted a page for "Slideshow Help" on my blog - providing a Google help page -- if you get into it and need some more help I will be glad to see what I can do to help you- just let me know.

    Thanks so much for your visits. Oh, mom said to tell you to get a "Ball Canning" book - that's what she has and still uses when she does do canning (not so much anymore).

    Thanks! Jenn