Monday, September 19, 2011

Down Memory La La Lane

L to R: 1st row: Donny, Brenda (me), Robyn
2nd row: Charles (brother), Kathy, Terry (brother)
3rd row: Ray, Jimmy

1st row: Robyn, Donny, Kathy, Brenda (me), Charles (brother
2nd row: Ricky, Jeffrey, Jimmy, Ray, David

Down Memory La La Lane

Life tends to get hard sometimes
as we make our way to the finish line.
So many ups and downs, twists and turns
that we think our lives will never settle.

Then comes a time of remembrance to where
you can ease down memory lane in that La La
Euphoria. The times that seemed much brighter
and happier, and everyone is giving and kind.

Down Memory La La Lane you want only to
reminisce about the good old days; sending
laughter and sunshine to all who will listen.
Come closer and I will tell you a story.

It was a time of good cheer and much food
at my dad’s parent’s house. All the family
members were very close. The cousins
would always find mischief to get into.

It was a lovely Easter day and my mother
had dressed my brothers and I in white.
But while at my grandparents, we found
a creek and schemed a way of fun.

We dammed up the creek that had plenty of red
clay mud. The girls asked the boys to toss them
in (so that way it wasn’t their fault.)  The fun was
magnificent, but now the white clothes were red.

We were gone for hours, and by the time we returned,
the parents were "lovingly" mad. We said our goodbyes
and couldn’t wait for the next time.  The ride home
was cold, but BOY did we ever have a great time!

That’s one way to ease stress Down Memory La La Lane. You are more than welcome to share your memories with us!! In order to keep a healthy life, easing stress is the FIRST KEY to getting there.

1st photo: taken by one of our parents, circa 1957
2nd photo: taken by one of our parents, 2009
The first photo is of myself and brothers along with our cousins that found mischief when ever we were together. The others hadn't been born yet. The second photo is with some of those younger cousins at one of our reunions. To let you know, these are not all the cousins. Some couldn't make it that day. We hope some day to get us ALL together again, at least one more time. 


  1. what a precious memory! it's amazing that you still have the old photo taken in 1957! i'll say that's just priceless and a treasure! and the looks like you and the others are having so much fun in both photos! lovely poem you made and it describes perfectly on how precious a good memory is! x susan

  2. Wow! I really get it now, Brenda...Down La La Lane; remembering, but remembering the good things. I think that is a most common thing as we mature through life.

    I think your memory is such a sweet one. I can just see you children bringing your mischievous plan to fruition. What you must have all looked like when you arrived home! Too bad you don't have a photo of that...col.

    Thank you for sharing your stroll down Memory La La Lane.

    Have a glorious day,
    Marianne xo

  3. I forgot to share a memory...I have fond memories of my mother singing or humming while she did her household chores. The secure sound of her voice made me feel that all was well. Now that autumn is nigh, I also love to remember when we'd come in from playing outside and our nostrils were met with the smell of chicken and apple crisp in the oven permeating the kitchen. Ahhh!

    Thank you for the opportunity to share my stroll Down Memory La La Lane..hee, hee.

    Mariann x