Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Read the Bible and Read It Again

In searching for something to post this morning, I ran across this piece from John Bunyan that I would like to share with you. I was thinking on these things this morning and I do believe this is a "God Given," meaning
nothing is by chance and when your thoughts are on God things, He will see to it that you are GIVEN more information and understanding. He GIVES it freely and is willing to stand with you in your search. We just need to be open to Him. It is not that we first loved Him, but that He first loves us. I appreciate the writing below...

Read the Bible, and read it again, and do not give up on understanding something of the will and mind of God, though you think they are locked up tight from you. And don't trouble your heads if you don't have commentaries and expositions; pray and read, and read and pray, for a little from God is better than a great deal from human writers. Besides, human ideas are uncertain, and are often lost and tossed around, but what is from God is as securely placed as a nail in a hard board. Nothing remains with us so well as what we receive from God; the reason why Christians today are so lacking when it comes to some things, is because they are content with what comes from human mouths, without searching and kneeling before God to ask Him the truth about things. Things that we receive from God's hand come to us in mint condition; though old in themselves, yet they are fresh to us. Old truths are always new to us, if they come to us with the smell of heaven on them. (Barbour, The Riches of Bunyan, 1998, p. 46) ~ John Bunyan


  1. Hi Brenda!

    What a beautiful and inspiring post although im not a christian but i do love your post!


  2. Yes, Brenda, this is an inspiring post. I certainly have experienced its truth many times, so why is it that I allow my mind to run a muck at times? I hope to have a tamed and quieted mind full of a knowing and peace.

    Keep laughing out loud,
    Marianne xo

  3. Marianne, our minds run amuck because we are human and we want things now! But in our personal relationship with Him, He has promised to never leave us. Our faith lies with Him. He is our Rock and our Shield, Lord and Savior, and FATHER! That's AWESOME!
    I love to laugh out loud; long and hard until I can't get my breath! I think it's healthy!!
    Thanks, Susan and Marianne, for your comments!! I appreciate you spending time Down Memory La La Lane.