Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Whey Protein and Other Stuff

Not only have I been diagnosed with Adrenal Fatigue, the past few years I was diagnosed with IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome), GERD, and Acid Reflux. I have been going up and down in my weight for those past few years, but was able to maintain until recently. Since my adrenal glands are working overtime, it has kept me in an exhausted state. But now I have a holistic doctor that is giving me some good advice on what to do. I have NOT lost control!

We established earlier that for GOOD HEALTH we need to eliminate stress in our life. Although stress will never be completely out of our lives, we need to understand how to keep it under control; moderate exercises, meditating, deep breathing; whatever your stress is, let it roll off your sleeve. It isn’t worth losing your health over.

The next most important thing is to stay hydrated. (I keep bottled water with me at all times and drink from it often.) My doctor suggested I drink 1 bottle of water when I awake in the mornings and to eat within 2 hours upon rising, whether it’s a couple of boiled eggs, a piece of cheese, or a protein bar/shake. So I purchased Whey Protein powder (24g of protein) and Mootopia milk. Some mornings I mix the protein shake with milk and sometimes with water. (My family loves the protein milk too and I can’t keep enough in the fridge! It’s good for my family, so I don’t complain. It is FAT FREE and has 12g of protein.) So upon rising and after getting ready for work, I mix the protein shake with 6 oz. of water or milk. (And if you noticed, I have my shake with Elvis!) I don’t use the blender since I’m up at 5AM and no one else is. I stir the shake and don’t even mind the lumps. I get the chocolate flavor and the little pieces remind me of a wonderful brownie! This also helps me with my cravings for chocolate. 

To help get my adrenals back in shape, the doctor suggested I take a multi-mineral multi-vitamin, 2 fish oil pills (1000mg each with Omega 3 & 6) with high amounts of EPA & DHA (1000mg), a natural supplement called Adapten-All, and 2 multi-enzymes (a digestive aid). I also include 10 drops of Licorice Root Liquid in my water. By the time I take all of these, I have used 1 bottle of water (and sometimes more).  Then on my way out the door I place Pregnenolone (10mg) and DHEA (5mg) tablets under my tongue for hormone balance. I do this routine three times a day. Also, as I’m leaving for work, I open another bottle of water to drink on my way to work. Once I am at work, I open another bottle and sit it on my desk; when that one is empty, I open another one. Get the idea?

My wonderful husband and I go to the local YMCA at least 3 days a week and use either the treadmill or the bicycles. It’s really great exercising side-by-side and getting in our 30 minutes, as prescribed by my doctor. That should be enough now until my adrenals are working properly. I will go back to her in another month or so for my check-up. I will keep you posted.

“When we are young, our thoughts are never on health, or getting old, or even what tomorrow will bring. We live life and are care-free. We sleep, we rise, we live. At what point did I lose my youth?”
~ Brenda Stevens

[By no means am I suggesting this is what you need to take or do. I am under a doctor’s care and if you believe you have any of these symptoms, you also should be under a doctor’s care for YOUR health. Taking some of these supplements can be dangerous to your health if not monitored by your doctor.]


  1. Brenda, what a wonderful and informative post. I am sure that you are reaching women who can relate.

    Your quote at the end is quite profound! Truly, yes, at what point did we lose our youth? Perhaps at the point of listening to the reasoning of the outside world.

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