Monday, October 17, 2011

Doodling on Rainy Days

Sunday before last, my granddaughters and I had a wonderful rainy day staying inside, doodling and creating art.
The youngest calls this one "The Famous!"

Since the youngest loves shoes so much, she had decided to give a tribute to them!

The oldest is very creative in what she likes to do. She will sit for long periods of time and just draw.
She calls this "Picasso Texas!" She chooses beautiful colors.

In the piece above, the oldest wanted to show me how she draws an oak tree. The tree that borders her's is one I painted back in the 70's.
On the other side of the paper, she showed my how she draws a palm tree. Both girls love to sit and draw and they do create some amazing things. I enjoy my time with them so much. It was a great day to ease a lot of stress.

I was amazed at my friend's (Marianne) doodling, that I thought I'd try to draw some on a rainy day. Mine are not as detailed as her's, but I enjoyed this so much. Just letting it flow and not really having any plans for the design. 

My oldest granddaughter liked what I was doing and decided that she would give it a try. Not bad for her first time. We just may try this another time!!
I enjoyed our Rainy Day Sunday!!
I am joining Mosaic Monday's host, Mary, at Little Red House.

Brenda's granddaughters are ages 6 and 9 years old.


  1. Brenda, I love all the artwork! I am so amazed and inspired. Your granddaughters certainly have a flair for expression - children are so amazing like that. Picasso would be proud.

    Oooo...I do like your 'doodles', very nice! Fun, fun, fun... yes, do more, and I'd love to see them.

    Marianne xo

  2. Very nice!! great artwork..My granddaughters are very far away..

  3. wow seems like your family have talents in drawings! i love your doodling too and especially your drawings of a tree that you painted in the 70s. seems like you had a lovely time with granddaughters. those drawings are so fun! i giggled when i read the words "googly eyes for shoes" ...hehe