Monday, October 31, 2011

MOST WONDERFUL MOSAICS! Land of Tennessee...

At least once a year I love to go to the Land of Tennessee.
The air is clean, and peace settles within.
You can see why they call it the Smokey Mountains.
I love the winding roads that seem to only lead to more peace within.

I love the little small towns and the wide open spaces.
It's a time for deep breaths and a spiritual connection with God.
While sitting on the porch at the cabin, you can see wild geese fly overhead,
wild turkeys trekking up the hill, and a fox taking its turn at the pond,
then scurrying back to the woods for protection.

While there, the country life seems to go at a slower pace. NO ONE gets in a hurry for anything.
Everyone smiles and waves at you, giving you a real good down home feelin'.

As you travel through the area, you get lots of warnings 
to be aware of bears and some other most important things.

And you don't want to pass up the home grown watermelons!!

A great walk up the mountain was the best!! Let God's Light shine through.

I took this last shot in my side rearview mirror of my car
as we were leaving Tennessee.
Lord, youngins! It was great seein you'ins over yonder!
We came in and sat a spell, talked about the days gone by.
 Traveled the mountains, sang some songs, and smelled the flares (flowers).
We were so tarred after each day, we were meetin ourselves 
gettin up in the mornings!! Best trip ever was! See ya next year!
Bye ya'll...

I am joining Roberta and Judith for Mosaic Monday.


  1. I love your post! All your photos and mosaics were nice to view, but my favorites are the watermelon mosaic (it has such pizazz, or the horses, yes I really like the horses, too), the light in the forest is spectacular! (It looks very much like a 'beam me up Scotty', as if Jesus just ascended). And your last paragraph of down home 'talkin' really brought it all together(does anyone have a drawlictionary?)

    Marianne xo

  2. Sounds like you had a wonderful trip. There is nothin' better than walking with God, like you said. A real opportunity to just "be." I have to say watermelon is one of my favorites. I remember after I had my hysterectomy (years ago), my dear friend Donna brought me watermelon. I hadn't eaten for days and it was just the only food I could tolerate and actually enjoy. I scarfed it down in a flash. Yum! Yum! Lovely post, Brenda. I enjoyed every word.
    ~Lynn :)

  3. One of God's creations! beautiful, serene, peaceful and breathtaking view! love the photos you took, they're all so lovely! and those watermelons are sooo mouth watering! thank you for sharing this wonderful post and beautiful place of tenessee.


  4. Love,love, love your photos..I am a cabin in the woods wannabe..Lol! And the beautiful!! I was hoping to capture them on our vacation and only got a glimpse of them when we were speeding down the highway..Wonderful mosaics!
    Have a blessed day! Roberta