Tuesday, October 25, 2011


The teacup world is very new to me! I don't have the very delicate, elaborate sets to show. BUT I do have "cups and things!"
This cup actually belongs to my wonderful husband. It was purchased by a best friend in Memphis, TN at Graceland.  I love to use this cup when I have my protein shakes in the mornings, while singing, "I'm all SHAKED up!"  LOL!
Another favorite is the cup with "The Beatles!" The Beatles are my husbands very favorite band in the whole wide world. 
I have them placed in the photo with my very favorite teapot. It's whimsical and the color of my kitchen! I don't use this pot for hot water, but I do store my teas inside. In the background is my 70's bread box.

DON'T YOU JUST LOVE HER! The beautiful eyelashes, the neck ornament, and the lovely wings!

Her tail is pretty colorful, too!

Here are some lovely little teapots I found at three different yard sales. They all seem to be made from the same factory. The little salt and pepper shakers were given to my by my dear friend, Marianne.
The little teapots have their own chamber where you can place a tea light. I am guessing you can put fragrance oil in the teapots and send a wonderful aroma throughout the room. I have not used them in this way. I place them on top of my microwave and leave them there to look pretty.

And a couple of cute little teapots that the granddaughters love! I do believe the one on the left is from the Dollar Tree. It seems at one time they had a cute little collection of teapots.
The one on the right was given to me by my father-in-law. He noticed that I had little teapots sitting around. When he came upon this one at a garage sale, he picked it up for me. That was sweet...

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  1. Nice collection, Brenda. I like that you get all 'shaked' up in the morning..COL..

    Your little teapots are darling! I didn't know you had such a collection. I would have bought you the little one from England I saw at the thrift store about a month ago.

    Your colorful 'Heavenly Meow' teapot is wonderful. I love the playful colors on it. What a grand idea to store your tea bags inside.

    Happy Tuesday,

  2. what a fun collection of teacups, Brenda! love the little teapots where u can put tealights there and your granddaughter's mini teapots are so adorable! make me want to be a child again to play with it! i love the little salt and pepper from marianne, they're so cute too!


  3. I absolutely love your tea sets, Brenda...what an amazing and unique collection you have. I have joined your followers list and invite you to join my followers list; as well,I hope you will grab a blog button. Hugs, Gayle

  4. Your teapots are such fun, Brenda. They are bound to put you in a cheerful mood when you use them. I love the colours!